Benefits of Daily Dog Walking

We all know that regular exercise is important for our mental health and physical well-being. This applies to our pets, too! These are just some of the benefits your dog will receive from a daily walk.

Mental stimulation

Being cooped up in the house all day is not that exciting for our social canine friends. Some pets resort to destructive behaviors when they become bored. Getting out and about to smell the air, see birds and squirrels, and say hello to neighborhood friends will go a long way to relieving pent up energy and stress.


Each year, more and more pets are becoming overweight. This can cause stress on the joints, and lead to early aging and other health problems – even a shortened life-span. Daily exercise will go a long way towards keeping your pet trim and healthy.

Less clean-up

Puppies have small bladders. Some adult dogs cannot hold it as long as they used to due to medications or health problems. An afternoon walk will allow them to empty their bladder, and will prevent you coming home to a giant mess on your carpets.

Less guilt

As pets are becoming more like family members, their owners frequently feel guilty about leaving their dog home alone all day. Afternoon visits will give your dog a chance to be petted and loved by a familiar face who truly cares.

Daily dog walks have so many benefits for you and your pooch. Why not schedule yours today?

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