National Animal Safety and Protection Month

We don’t know about you, but for us, our pets are family…which is why we do everything we can to keep them safe! October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month, and autumn is the perfect time for pet owners to step up and take steps to protect their cat or dog from danger.  Not necessary, you say? It only takes a few seconds for a dog or cat to get themselves into serious trouble, which is why pet lovers need to watch their pets carefully, keep potentially poisonous items out of reach, and learn what to do when a ‘cat-tastrophe’ or ‘dog-staster’ strikes.  Let’s take a look at some super safety guidelines to help your furry friend stay safely out of trouble!

Safety Starts At Home

The largest percentage of accidents, poisonings and foreign object ingestions ted to happen when our furry family members are in their most familiar surroundings – home. Pets might swallow chicken bones, chomp on electrical cords, or fall down flights of stairs! You can make your house a safer place for your pet to live by:

  • Keeping all medications, supplements, and toxic cleaning supplies out of your pet’s reach
  • Growing only pet-friendly plants in your garden or indoors
  • Fencing in your pool or hot tub (including a locked gate) to block your pet’s access
  • Keeping your furry friend in a securely fenced yard or on a leash to stop them from escaping
  • Using gates at the top of the stairs to stop small, young or elderly pets from falling
  • Securing your garbage and compost materials in lockable, durable containers
  • Using crates, pens or closed doors to keep curious pets or notorious chewers from causing havoc while you’re away

Take Care in the Car

In spite of the fact that loose pets can be dangerous distractions for drivers, it’s no secret that many of us allow our dog or cat to move around, stick their head out the window, or even sit on our laps while a vehicle is moving. Yikes! You and your pet could be seriously injured or even killed in an accident, since any loose object (including your dog or cat) could act like a projectile, being thrown around or even out of the car in a major collision. Riding with the wind in their face may also be fun for many dogs, but flying dirt, dust or other debris might cause some painful damage to their eyes. To keep car travel safe for your feline friend or canine companion:

  • Keep small dogs or cats in a closed kennel that’s secured with the car seatbelt or attached to the car’s safety anchors
  • Use a pet seatbelt harness for larger dogs, securing them with a tether no longer than 2-3 feet
  • If your pup must peek out the window, consider doggie goggles to protect their delicate peepers from damage

Be Prepared!

Finally, despite our best intentions, our pets can sometimes run into trouble anyways. When disaster strikes, preparation ahead of time not only gives you some peace of mind, but gives you the ability to help your best friend much faster. Plan for your pet’s safety by:

  • Making a pet first aid kit and keeping it in an easily accessible place
  • Keeping your vet’s phone number on multiple places; on your fridge, in your car and in your wallet, for instance!
  • Paying attention to your pet’s everyday activities – a sudden change could mean your furry friend needs help

With a few minor lifestyle changes, you’ll make a world of difference to your dog or cat’s well-being, keeping them safe from harm. We challenge you to think of other ways to protect your pet today!

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