The Benefits of Daily Dog Walks

Walking your dog is so much more than just providing him a time and place to do his business. Your dog has a primal need for exercise and activity! When dogs don’t get adequate exercise they, much like humans, can suffer health problems. Here we’ll discuss some of the top reasons that regular walking and exercise benefits your pooch. Keep in mind that giving your dog the recommended amount of daily exercise doesn’t have to be done exclusively by you. If time constraints keep you from exercising your pup as much as you’d like, consider having your dog walked by a professional dog walking or dog sitting service.

General Health & Weight Management

This one is a no brainer. Exercise keeps your dog’s body in good shape and helps to regulate his weight. Excessive body weight affects dogs in various ways, from joint problems to cardiovascular issues. Regular dog walking helps your pup to avoid these issues and keeps his body agile and running smoothly.

Behavioral Issues

Dogs that are not regularly exercised may begin to suffer from behavioral problems stemming from pent up energy or anxiety. Much like young humans, dogs need to be supplied with constructive activities in order to avoid getting mixed up in destructive ones like digging and chewing. Regular exercise helps to negate the effects of excitability, allowing your pooch to feel more relaxed during downtime. Dogs who jump may simply be dealing with pent up energy and, with regular walking, could transform into much calmer companions.

Confidence & Security

Your dog wants your attention and often, dogs will bark or whine as a means of getting that attention. Other reasons for excessive barking are things like low confidence or a lack of socialization. Getting your dog out of the house on a walk allows them to not only feel as though they are spending quality time with you (or a walker that loves them!), but allows the opportunity for socializing with other animals and humans. This may make your dog nervous at first and they may spend the first few walks barking at passersby, but with you there to provide a sense of security and encouragement, these interactions will continue to feel more positive and constructive. The more positive socialization that a dog receives, the more confident he will feel and the less he will engage in behaviors like barking and whining.

Satisfies Primal Instincts

In the wild, packs of dogs would be led out in search of food by the pack’s alpha. In a domestic setting, you are the parent and regular dog walking satisfies your dog’s deep-seated primal instincts. In addition to that, your position, in your dog’s eyes, as the parent is incredibly important. Reinforcing it will promote your dog’s respect and love for you, creating a more obedient pup and strengthening the bond between the dog and his human mom or dad.

So, instead of looking at your dog’s daily walks as simply a means to an end, recognize them for the important place that they hold in your pet’s overall well-being. If you struggle with finding time for regular dog walking, consider looking into a dog walking or dog sitter service to supplement the walks that you are unable to perform yourself. For those residing in the Monmouth County, NJ area, consider River Run Pet Sitters LLC, serving Red Bank, Little Silver, Fair Haven, Rumson, Oceanport, Shrewsbury, Middletown and Lincroft.


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