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Learn How to Perform the Heimlich Maneuver on Your Dog

 Great tutorial posted by Animal Emergency Center and Specialty Services. Visit their Facebook page for more great videos!

Heimlich Maneuver in the DogLearn how to perform the heimlich maneuver to clear the airway if your dog ever is at risk of choking on a foreign object or food.

Posted by Animal Emergency Center & Specialty Services on Tuesday, January 18, 2011


5 Great Reasons to Adopt or Foster a Senior Pet

The plight of a senior animal in a rescue or shelter is heart wrenching.  An animal likely used to living in a home, with a family and a comfortable routine can become extremely depressed, confused, and listless when finding itself suddenly sequestered to a shelter, surrounded by unfamiliar people and animals.  The fate of many senior pets that have been relinquished is often a sad one, as well.  Finding adopters for older pets with less energy, a shorter lifespan, and a greater potential for health problems is next to impossible, often leading to the humane euthanasia of these trusty and loyal companions.  For someone who may be interested in adopting a senior pet, but still unsure whether it is the right decision, listed below are only a few reasons to consider taking home a golden aged dog or cat.

They have more love to give
Sure, puppies and kittens are great, but there is nothing that rivals the amount of love a rescued senior has to offer.  Seniors recognize better than any other dog or cat that the person saving them from the shelter deserves every ounce of love and affection they have to give.  If you want a constant companion and adoring best friend, consider an older pet.

They are better behaved
Unlike younger animals, senior pets are less likely to have been relinquished to a shelter for behavioral reasons.  Instead, seniors often come to shelters because their aging owners are no longer able to care for them, have moved into assisted living, or have even passed away.  Senior pets are likely already housebroken or litter-box trained and have good house manners and basic obedience skills.  [click to continue…]


Frankie – Dog Adoption – Monmouth County SPCA, NJ

Name:    Frankie

Age:        1 year old

Sex:        Male

Breed:    Wire-haired Terrier mix

Hi there! I am Frankie, a 1 year old wire-haired terrier mix who originally was rescued from Puerto Rico. I was adopted by a nice family who lived in NYC but, as it turns out, I am not cut out to be a city boy!!  I prefer to live in a much quieter setting where I can relax and smell the flowers. I came to the Monmouth County SPCA so I could find a nice home away from all the hustle and the bustle of city life. Since I’m doing so well in suburbia, that is where I am looking to stay. My friends at the shelter promised me that I don’t have to ever live in a big city again!!

I can be a little shy at first but, once I get to know you, I will be jumping up in your lap and giving you lots of kisses!!!

I do love to be the center of attention, so I am hoping to find a home where I can be the only pet so that I can be spoiled rotten!!!  I am a smart boy who knows many of my basic commands. I am very food-motivated, and I’m looking forward to learning even more tricks with you! I do love to play and then, when play time is over I will curl up with you for some snuggle time. I’m the best of both worlds-what more could you ask for?

Please contact the Monmouth County SPCA for more information at 732-542-5962. Inquiries can also be sent to adoptions@monmouthcountyspa.org.

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Meet Jack! Playful Pup Friend of River Run Pet Sitters!

Nickname:     Captain Jack

Breed:            Australian Cattle Dog

Birthday:        June 1st

For straight-up exercise or playtime, Jack totally loves the outdoors! He is a regular on the hiking trails near his house and he loves strolling the neighborhood. But Jack’s front yard is also his personal playground and he goes absolutely ga-ga for his soccer ball! We keep trying to get the ball by him, but this guy is the best goalie we’ve ever met!

Jack can also be a real couch potato: He LOVES Animal Planet and keeps his paws crossed for the bad guys to be apprehended on every Animal Cops episode!

Jack is a rescue from the Monmouth County SPCA. His mom was immediately drawn to his energy and spunk and they’ve been a happy family ever since. Now that’s what we call a “Jack”pot!

[That’s Jack, above, enjoying some sunshine. He gives new meaning to the term “dog days of summer!”]

River Run Pet Sitters LLC : Overnight pet sitting, dog walking, dog sitting, cat sitting and pet sitting offered in Red Bank, Little Silver, Fair Haven, Rumson, Oceanport, Shrewsbury, Middletown and Lincroft, NJ


Beyonce – Dog Adoption – Monmouth County SPCA, NJ

Name:     Beyonce

Age:         1 year old

Sex:         Female

Breed:    Terrier mix

Hi! My name is Beyonce…you can call me Bey! I am about 1 year old and I came to the shelter after I was found wandering the streets.  I am very happy to be safe and warm now and I am really enjoying making new friends!! My new friends say I am the happiest girl they have ever met. Perhaps that is because they play with me every day!!!

I am a very playful girl and very puppy like.  I love my toys and I am always up for a game of fetch or just a good run in the park.  I am such a delight to have around. To show you how happy I am you can always see my tail wagging with excitement!  Please come meet me and we can be friends too!!! [click to continue…]


The Many Benefits of Exercising your Dog

While most people are aware that dogs require exercise, many are surprised that a number of common behavioral problems are directly linked to a lack of adequate mental and physical stimulation.  Just like humans, dogs require daily exercise; however, the benefit for dogs is arguably even greater than for people.  There are few breeds that do not require at least 30 minutes of vigorous activity a day, while most dogs have exercise requirements that range from 1 – 3 hours daily.  [click to continue…]


New Year, New You! Keeping your pet organized

Keeping your pet organized

We know it sounds silly but we aren’t talking about filing systems! Much as our own lives, our pets have portions of their lives that require organizing. A little leg work now means fewer headaches later! Read on …

  • Have you scheduled your pet’s next veterinary visit? At the start of each new year, we schedule our pet’s visits and necessary vaccinations. Mark it on your calendar right away then flip to December and put a reminder at the end of the month to schedule after the new year. You’re guaranteed to stay on track!
  • Does your pet take regular medications? To save some cash, explore discounted medications at a variety of websites. Some of our faves: Wysong, Allivet, Drs. Foster and Smith, and 1-800-PetMeds. A few even offer email reminders for refills; take advantage of this service! It will ensure your pet is never without his meds!

Do you have a tip to share? Let us know!

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Poodle Power! Meet the cute walkers :)

You can’t help but giggle when you meet this trio of poodles! As semi-recent transplants from Virginia, Hugo, Ralph, and Mimsy needed some coaxing to find their Jersey swagger. With daily walks and some pampering from Planet Poodle, these pups now rule their neighborhood!

Their excitement for a daily walk is obvious: happy barks and lots of dancing into their harnesses and leashes before heading out the door! Then there’s the onion grass to smell and people stopping to squeal with delight at their level of cuteness … what an adventure!

Hugo can be shy; he’s more a follower than a leader and is smitten with his mom! Ralph thinks of himself as leader of the pack; he loves playing ball and enjoys a long back scratch! Mimsy enjoys the outdoors but prefers to snuggle into your arm (and a really soft fleece!) while out! These little dogs have BIG personalities – and they’re adorable to boot!

River Run Pet Sitters LLC : Overnight pet sitting, dog walking, dog sitting, cat sitting and pet sitting offered in Red Bank, Little Silver, Fair Haven, Rumson, Oceanport, Shrewsbury, Middletown and Lincroft, NJ


Kallie – Dog Adoption – Monmouth County SPCA, NJ

Name:    Kallie

Age:        6 months old

Sex:        Female

Breed:     Mixed

Hi! I’m Kallie. I am a 6 month old gal who is looking for a family who can treat me like the Southern Belle that I am! Transplanted from Virginia; I came to the Monmouth County SPCA in search of a family to call my own. Since arriving in New Jersey, I have been learning to come out of my shell. I  can be shy at first but once I get to know you I will be at your side all of the time.

I love other dogs and I hope to find a home where I can have some canine siblings. I’ll be a great little sister too!!!  I really love to play and can often be found rolling around in the grass. [click to continue…]


Meet Mac! River Run Dog Walking Super Star!

Name:            Mac!

Nickname:     MacMacPattyWhack, Mac-A-Doo

Breed:            Walrus (Sarpei/Basset Hound)

Birthday:        March 5th

Lots of dogs (and people, too!) have “likes” and dislikes.” Not Mac. He has “likes” and “LOVES!”

Because Mac gets to see a River Run dog walker each weekday, we’ve been lucky to get to know him so well! Mac likes playing ball, napping in the sun, and eating treats from his KONG bone. Mac likes grass, but we won’t let him eat it! He knows we aren’t party-poopers; we’re just making sure he doesn’t get sick and miss a trip to his new favorite place: the DOG PARK! [click to continue…]

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