Pet Transportation

Let’s face it…life is busy and sometimes we can’t always get everything done on our own. Pets can have busy schedules too! Grooming, playdates, visits to grandma’s house…the list goes on and on!

River Run Pet Sitters can help get your dog or cat to where he needs to go! Now you don’t have to worry about whether you’re going to get to the groomer on time or if you’re going to miss the window to pick up your pooch from doggie daycare. We’ll go get him!

We even do specialty pet transportation services!

Do you want to include your dog or cat in your wedding day? We can help make that happen! It’s simple and we’ll tailor the service to meet your individual needs.

Or maybe you have another event you’d like to include your pet in….let us know!

Per trip: $30.00, within a 10-mile radius and includes up to one hour

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